Our Story

BrisingDesigns takes its name from the Norse myth of the Brisingamen, a gorgeous necklace given to the Goddess Freya that further enhanced her beauty and strength.  With this in mind, Skylar Bre’z and Jaynee Michaels create one of a kind fiber and jewelry accessories with the goal of making every wearer realize their unique beauty, strength, and individual power.   

Fiber accessories use merino wool, upcycled cloth, and/or hand-dyed fabric.  Bead embroidery designs feature many different gemstones, along with images, words, and found objects. 

BrisingDesigns have been sold in art galleries throughout the US.  Custom designs have also been created for Las Vegas entertainers, pop stars, and magicians, as well as weddings and private collections.

Skylar has been making bead embroidery designs for almost 30 years, ever since someone handed her a ceramic statue and said, "Here. Do something with this."  After making over 5000 necklaces (ALL one of a kind!), she decided she needed a bigger canvas - and a way to justify all of the textiles, bits & pieces collected over the years. Learning how to needle felt at a fiber festival opened a whole new world.  When not creating, Skylar teaches History and Gender & Women's Studies at two local universities.

Jaynee has dabbled in many different art forms - drawing, clay, beading, and fiber arts.  She's the voice of reason to Skylar's "what do you think about this?" A perfectionist, Jaynee's designs are detailed and balanced.  Jaynee also teaches Sociology and Critical Thinking at a local college.